Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Beginning Of A New Journey

Welcome to my blog, my name is Donna and I started this blog as a journal for my new clay art business. First a little bit about me.......I have been married to the same sweet man for 37 years. We have two lovely daughters, two great son- in-laws and were blessed with four grandsons. We all live in a small town in Alabama. We live close enough to each other that we all have Sunday night suppers at my house (thank you kids for keeping up this tradition). I have been doing crafts most of my life. My grandmother sewed and taught me how and instilled in me that I could do anything I wanted to. Over the years I have tried just about every craft that has become a fad and some that weren't. I love the challenge of learning something new but seem to get boarded with it after the challenge is gone. I am hoping this will not be the case with my new adventure.

Enough about me, on to the clay....... A few weeks ago I decided once again that I needed a challenge. I had spent some time that day with my girls and we had such a good time that I was trying to come up with something that the three of us could do together. They have bought several ceramic jewelry pieces and really enjoyed them and I did some ceramics back in the 70's so I decided to order a kiln and start making jewelry.

The process of choosing a kiln and getting it ordered was not as easy a project as I wanted it to be. Lots of different brands and vendors to choose from. Finally after four days of researching, I decided on a Cress kiln and ordered it from Bailey's. I was very disappointed when the salesman told me it would take three weeks to have it made and another week for shipping. Finally after four weeks "TODAY is the DAY". It is on the UPS truck out for delivery.......

I have been making some beads while I was waiting and have them drying so as soon as the kiln is ready I can fire it up and see some progress. The girls haven't been bitten by the clay bug yet, but my grandsons have had a ball (no pun intended) making beads for bracelets for their teachers for Halloween.

Sorry I don't have any pictures to post yet. But I promise a picture of the new kiln tomorrow.

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