Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

I know the intent of this blog was to keep a journal of my clay adventures but I haven't been able to post new comments because I didn't think I could keep them clean enough. Talk about highs and lows......... The first bisque firing went great I was so excited. Of course no one was home but me so I was dancing around like a kid at Christmas. I spent Saturday glazing most of the pieces. Soon as some of them were dry I loaded them in the kiln. I thought I had them all placed just right. I had read horror stories about pieces fusing together that had touched so I made sure none of them were touching. About noon Sunday the kiln cooled down enough that I could take a peak.........OH NOOOOOOOOOO. Not just one piece touched but every piece. The pieces must have started swinging during the firing because they had moved a bunch after I closed the lid. Not to be out done, I got back on the horse and load it with the remaining pieces that I had painted the day before. Had to hurry couldn't let beads stop Sunday night supper.

Still to hot to open Monday morning so it was off to work to wonder all day if I had another mess or some success. First thing after walking in the door was to open the kiln, WHAT..... NOT AGAIN. Yes more fused pieces. Not all of them but way to many of them. I couldn't believe it. Still not to be beaten, I loaded some beads with some custom decals I had made on them. Fired it up and hoped to see success tomorrow. No such luck, instead of black houndstooth beads I had pale pink sepia ones. You know that wouldn't work for any BAMA fan.

So OK, I am 1 for 4 but still determined. I had made lots of new beads and they are ready for their first firing. Not much to worry about here since the first one turned out so good, right.......Wrong. Got up and the kiln was off, so was my Internet modem, the dish TV receiver and everything else in the room. What could have happened. Billy check it when he got home and couldn't figure it out. When I got home it was like a room possessed!!!!!!! Everything was working. I turned the kiln back on because I wasn't sure it had fired enough and I figured better safe than sorry and with my luck I needed to be safe. Got up this morning, same thing, everything was off. Nothing in any other room was off just my craft room. Had to go to work so I will see if it is working again this afternoon when I get home.

Looks like it will be non stop for me this weekend if I intend to have anything to show at the Open Blog on Sunday.

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