Sunday, October 25, 2009

Welcome To My Studio

Studio, what studio am I suppose to have a studio????? How about WELCOME TO MY "TABLE".

My favorite place to play with clay is on the boys game table in my den. I can play with clay and watch football with Billy at the same time. Here it is by day dressed for Halloween. The Ghost and Cat Ornaments on the vase were two of the first clay pieces I did.

And here it is by night,
with some of my favorite tools.
Some Flea Market finds and some stolen from around the house. The boys' tinker toys make perfect screed sticks so I can roll the clay to a perfect thickness. The cheese slicer cuts a slab of clay into perfect size pieces for beads. The flexible chopping mat makes sure I don't get carried away and cut the table and the clay.

With limited space and resources, everything has more than one duty. The tool caddy holds gazed beads until they are ready for the kiln. I have had lots of fun with the family thinking I am painting everything green........haha
For now I am perfectly contented with my table. Who knows what the future holds though!!!!!


  1. What a great place to work! Nice to have everything right there and to be around everyone too! Thanks for sharing!!!